What is NeoLife?

NeoLife is nutrition company that manufactures and sells the superior quality food nutrition products, with the mission to make the world the healthier and happier place. NeoLife has been in business for over 60 years, from 1958 and operating in over 50 countries over the world.


We offer superior quality nutrition products using nature’s finest whole food ingredients that are based in nature and backed by leading edge science. In addition to our range of NeoLife Nutritionals, we offer earth – friendly Golden Home Care and Organic Marine Botanical skin care products.


Our Club Member program is free to join in and gives customers the ability to shop at a special 15 – 25% discount. It also gives you access to a fun and passionate community, with a goal of empowering you with resources for education and personal development.

Business Opportunity

We also help people to have success with startups. It’s kinds of like a tech startup but with nutrition. There is a low barriers to entry because we provide the infrastructure that any successful business needs, as well as any consumable product and compensation plan. So instead of having to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to get started, it makes entrepreneurship more accessible to everyone.

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