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Craig Dunkerley - CEO
for this Project

Expert investor, multi-business owner, and author, Craig Dunkerley is a sought-after financial specialist and international speaker who inspires others to emulate his success in all areas of finance to maximize their wealth results.

As CEO and Founding Partner of BG Wealth Group Inc., Craig believes that everyone should have the financial freedom to be able to spend every day of their lives doing what they want to do. With deep conviction, Craig has made it his mission to help people from all walks of life become millionaires.

Over the course of his career, Craig has created opportunities for men and women in every stage of development to strategically maximize their success through financial empowerment.

Further to his successful career, Craig believes in the power of paying it forward. He co-founded the BG Scholarship Fund that provides under-privileged children with a post-secondary education that will help them realize and achieve their full potential.

With such expertise, Craig Dunkerley is well positioned to drive this project and continue to generate wealth for everyone like he done in all of his past ventures.

Craig Dunkerley- CEO and Founder
Joshua Braganza - Technical Analyst

Josh Braganza - Technical Analyst for this Project

Joshua brings a diverse skill set and innovative thinking to this project as he has worked in roles in Finance, Marketing, Operations, and Technology throughout his career. What made him very successful in all his prior roles is his unique approach to analyzing and interpreting data. Joshua believes in leveraging both data and creative judgement to solve challenging problems. He understands that blindly using data and statistics without a core understanding of the problem can lead to bad business decisions.

Early in his career, Joshua has learned the importance of getting connected with his money and making his money work for him rather than working for money. Joshua has investments in traditional areas such as the stock market and real estate while also delving into sectors such as cryptocurrencies and financial derivatives for the past 5 years.

Joshua's unique skill set makes him an excellent addition to our team to accelerate growth in this project.

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