About Us


Hello! I’m Craig Dunkerley. I am an author, multi-business owner and investor and I want to share with you the knowledge, ideas, and tools to build your own empire, realize your own dreams and be financially independent. We call this toolkit ‘Dream Things Unlimited’.

At a young age, I realized that money is a huge factor in the health of the individual and the family; money problems can be heart-breaking. Because of that, I have made it my mission to help people take control of their financial future by making small mindset shifts. They get to live their lives doing what they love to do. 


Dream Things Unlimited is all about centralizing the information you need to build your own entrepreneurial and wealth-building strategy, your own  blueprint for financial freedom. Every entrepreneur needs to start somewhere and here you will find businesses you can start quickly and easily, as well as videos and content to help you further your financial know-how.

At 30 years old, I decided to stop working for the corporate world altogether and that was one of my best decisions ever. 20 years later, I have multiple businesses, a thriving real estate investment portfolio and I travel whenever I wish to. Here at Dream Things Unlimited, you will get my template for success, as well as all of the learning tools I create to increase your financial and investment knowledge.

I am now taking this amazing opportunity to show you how to create your empire, how to start your own business and connect with like-minded people who crave financial freedom and lifestyle flexibility. Welcome to the community of Dream Things Unlimited!