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Expert investor, multi-business owner, and author, Craig Dunkerley is a sought-after financial specialist and international speaker who inspires others to emulate his success in all areas of finance to maximize their wealth results.

Craig Dunkerley - CEO and Founder

As CEO and Founding Partner of BG Wealth Group Inc., Craig believes that everyone should have the financial freedom to be able to spend every day of their lives doing what they want to do. With deep conviction, Craig has made it his mission to help people from all walks of life become millionaires.

Craig’s extensive investment knowledge comes from his hands-on experience with buying and selling real estate and managing index funds for more than a quarter century. He shares his vast expertise in his books and on international stages, which he has shared with other influencers such as Brian Tracy, Bill Walsh, David Chilton, and Claudia Harvey. An international best-selling author, Craig empowers others to transform their lives for the better.

Craig provides financial security planning, tax optimization strategies, short term investment options, real estate/ property investments, index funds and unique ventures and opportunities to all his clients

What Our Members Have to Say

“A super eye opener. So much incredible information to move forward with.”

Kent C
From Orangeville, ON, Canada
“The information I received today answered all my tax questions and more! I believe that I can now make a plan to save money, invest in my future and actually retire one day. Thanks, Craig!”
Charlie L
From Toronto, ON, Canada
"I learned the importance of a positive mind and that when you are ready for a change there really are people in the world who want to help you become better and more financially set up. Our minds are like parachutes, they work really well when they are open!"
Dean V
From Thunder Bay, ON, Canada
"I feel more prepared to take control of my security and my financial gain. I will definitely be back for future programs. Thanks so much!”

Corinne M
From Brampton, ON, Canada

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